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Birthdate:Jan 4
Ion is the seventh replica of the original Fon Master Ion, and the only one that was deemed suitable to take his place. Most of his life consisted of learning how to emulate the original Fon Master Ion's public persona, and Ion tried his very best at this. Of course, he was not perfect, and those who had been very close to the original would have been able to tell the difference - in particular, Fon Master Guardian Arietta.When Ion replaced his original as the Fon Master, Anise became his guardian instead.

Ion really only began to develop a personality of his own when he started travelling with Anise and Jade. Though he was still quiet and didn't have much of a presence, Ion always helped out where he could. Ion's body was weak and he couldn't help out in battles often, but his quiet wisdom and gentle nature still served to help everyone relax. On their journey, Ion finally came to realize that though he might be a replica, he was still a unique person in his own right. This was brought on by befriending Luke, and also by Sync's death. After the miasma was pushed beneath the dividing line, Ion served as the Fon Master on his own terms for the first time in his life for one month.

It didn't last very long, though. Mohs returned and blackmailed Anise into helping him force Ion to read the Planet Score, and his body broke down. He used the last of his strength to try to point Luke in the right direction and took the miasma from Tear's body into his own... and then faded away.

Pulled From: Right after his death

Personality: Ion is soft-spoken, so much so that people forget he's there at times. He has a quick mind and a surprisingly strange sense of humor (which is most easily spotted when he's teasing Anise). Due to his age, he's fairly naive about a lot of the workings of the world, but he holds a wisdom beyond his years nonetheless. Ion will always try to lend his aid to anyone that needs it. Perhaps due to being raised as a replacement, Ion tends to put others before himself to a ridiculous degree. He's frequently apologetic about his weak body.

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